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Testimonials~ What Others Have to Say!

I never thought massage was anything more than for pleasure here and there, however, when I got a gift certificate for weekly massages, I saw my knees and back strengthen and my overall health improve!  It was unbelievable how much it helped. Also, Janet England's knowledge of the muscles and her ability to work those weak areas is the reason I can move today.  I will continue regular care with her for as long as possible. Because she knows her stuff, I am thriving physically, and that makes everything else better in my life!  Less pain and inflammation means I can do the things I need and want to do! I'm so thankful for England's Massage Therapy!  ~Danika Deva



I've used massage as part of my health & wellness for over 20 years. Janet is one of THE BEST massage therapist I've had. Her healing hands help me on a weekly basis. She is a lifelong learner, sharing information to educate me on how to keep the relief going after my weekly massage. Monique M.